Migrating Your Data
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Migrating Your Data

Any company that has been in business for more than a decade at some point will have to migrate their data from old fashioned paper to more innovative technologies.  Even older data systems become outdated and they are too hard to update or maintain.  Having data on older systems makes access inconsistent or even impossible.  Migrating your data is simply the process of moving your business records to a new server or other type of storage device.  Let’s look at what’s involved in moving your data.

Old Formats

Data may need to be rewritten into a newer format so that it works with newer technologies.  You may also have data in a combination of formats including out of data databases and of course paper.  Most people change because business is growing and old methods of storing data just don’t work for them anymore.  If you have multiple sources of data that weren’t connected before your data migration process can turn into an extensive process.  If you use rental servers or “the cloud” to store their new data have the benefit of new technology without blowing your IT budget.  Cost isn’t the only reason that businesses opt for cloud storage, it also has great security.

Benefits of Using Cloud Services

The biggest benefit that any company sees is in the cost.  Buying servers isn’t cheap and for many small and medium sized businesses it is simply cost prohibitive.  You not only save money by using rented server space but it gives you the chance to test out the systems in the event that you want to purchase your own servers and software in the future.  If you want to own your servers then you also need to hire an IT department to look after the equipment and software.  That is an additional expense you don’t need if you use a cloud based service.  Here is a look at the benefits of cloud storage versus managing your own IT systems.

Data migration can be a tedious process, but a necessary one.  You need to protect your business data while making it available to your business team for use.  Cloud data storage is not only secure but it gives you the ability to access your data from anywhere.  You can update customer information, create new accounts, perform accounting processes and follow the sales process all with the touch of a mouse.  Doesn’t that make the tedious task of migrating data worth it?  You will have better control of the processes that go on in your business.