The customer is always the king for any business establishment that wishes to maintain its stronghold over their competition. Business support system is a form of business communication procedure whereby the parent company is able to offer necessary help to their customers. Back in the days, such support systems primarily constituted of an arrangement of telephone operators. As of now, things are looking much brighter in this paradigm; thanks to the proliferation of modern day technologies such as video conferencing and other types of online services. For instance, it is quite common for PC vendors to offer online support platforms – there will be provision for an expert to connect with the problematic PC over the internet while using the necessary software. The underlying idea is to create a positive experience for the clients.

Why Business Support Has Become Mandatory?

Customers have this habit of bad mouthing a particular service if they have some form of dissatisfaction. This can directly and indirectly affect the yearly earnings of a company. This is one of the reasons why companies go to great extents to build up a business support system that is free of faults, and that can service the requirements of the clients in a fast, efficient manner. Merely investing on the state of the art technologies is not useful if the personnel that use these systems are inept.  It is possible to ward off such issues by consistent monitoring and additional rewards (or reprimands as the situation may occur) while offering additional training sessions. There are various ways with the help of which an efficiently operating support system can be designed. For instance, it is a known policy to reply to the client within 24 to 48 hours of posting a complaint.

The Traits Which Must Be Present In Support Personnel

The business support personnel must have certain characteristic traits. They must be polite and should act in a professional manner regardless of the complexity of the scenario. A manager or a supervisor should be present in the floor at all the times, so that they can take care of the advanced issues which do not fall under the realm of the average support personnel. Making empty promises will only enrage the clients; and it is better to discard the “getting the monkey off the back” approach which is usually seen in some of the prominent the support systems located in many countries. There is a hierarchy which should be made available to the clients; if the complaints are complex, it must be forwarded to the level two personnel and so on.


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