Business support is an activity which helps an organization with the task of managing the business. It may also be an activity taken up with the aim of achieving social, cultural or environmental objectives coupled with the aim of improving economic growth of the organization. As the organization grows it may not be possible for one individual or a small group of employees to effectively look after all functions of the management.

Business Support Functions
There are various business support functions which are vital for the successful management of the organization.

  • Human Resource function involves recruiting the right candidate for the right job, providing training and career advancement opportunities, deciding compensation benefits and ensuring overall welfare of the employee.
  • Finance function involves effective management of finances of the company. Finance being a scarce resource one has to handle finance with the highest degree of efficiency. Internal Audit mechanism provides the management with controls to ensure compliance of organization’s policies and objectives.
  • Logistics takes care of issues related to movement of materials. It may be either transport of raw material from the vendor’s point or movement of finished goods to warehouses and customers’ locations.
  • Supply Chain provides for coordinating all the activities pertaining to sourcing of different raw materials, required for manufacturing the whole range of products, from various sources and in case if the product is out sourced, coordinating timely supplies from various suppliers and such other activities.
  • Customer Care Service deals with handling customers; both internal as well as external. Internal customers in a manufacturing set up are the next operation point, or the next department or the next work station in an assembly line. For each previous worker the next worker is a customer.

Business Support
Role Of Business Support System
Business support systems are the links needed to support various end services. Typically a business support system looks after receipt and payment related issues, getting orders and other related issues. Normally this can be broadly grouped into four categories. They are product management, customer management, revenue management and order management.

  • Product Management supports development, sales and offers to customers with regard to a product.
  • Customer Management is very essential for the growth of the organization and involves customer relationship issues.
  • Revenue Management deals with invoicing and timely collection of outstanding money.
  • Order Management takes care of processing and execution of orders in a timely manner so that delivery schedule is properly adhered to.


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