Perspective Sharing Approach
Business communication is a mode of information sharing about an organization its values, mission and aim. This could be internal and external which means that business communication is done for both internal and external clients. External clients are the end customers or the vendors which are helping us to get the desired results from the organization. Internal customers are the employees of the organization who are directly responsible to achieve the goals and objectives set for the growth of organization. Effective business communication is done through sharing the perspective of the organization and this is again for both internal and external clients. Communication is a two way process which indicates that effective business communication should take care of both the parties. With perspective sharing approach business communication sets right expectation for everyone involved in the business.

Goal Orientation
Business communication should be directly linked with the organizational goals. This keeps clarity amongst all those who are involved in the business. Also once clear business communication has been done than it minimizes the possibility of difference of opinions in the group of leaders who would be managing the organization.
Business Communication

This helps these leaders to handle all sorts of clients with the same perspective and approach. At the same time they would continue to work towards attaining the organizational goals. Business communication helps in creating the identity of any organization or business. If the business is recognized once than there is no two ways in getting growth and profitability.

Modes of Communication
Unlike ancient times where communication was only restricted to pen, paper and postman modern business communication has various modes and mediums. Business communication could be done verbally as well as in the written form. Written communication could be done through printing over paper on hard copy or an electronic copy through email and power point presentation. Oral communication could be done over the phone or a mobile phone or through joint call conferencing. There are no restrictions for modern business communication. It could be done once decided it keeping the target audience or customers in mind.

Be Specific
Business communication should be done specifically for a purpose. It should convey the message or perspective to the end customer or the reader for whom it has been created. Too much of knowledge sharing or examples dilutes the core message. Specific information keeps the reader intact and ensures effective business communication. Also it’s important to be sensitive while writing about the customers. No indirect communication is appreciated.

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