Greg Lucier was the youngest of all the children in the family. All of them grew up in the area of Norristown. His father was an owner of the industrial advertising agency. His father is also a person of great stature. Greg Lucier had 4 siblings and yes, he was the youngest amongst them. His father advertised a lot of foundries as well as steel companies and hence, gained a whole lot of business by it. This is where Greg first interacted with technology. It was long back in high school that Greg decided to mix business with technology and that defined his career. He has no wonder come a long way with it. He has been a manager with innumerable technical organisations. Thus, his foundations speak volumes about him.

He then went to Pennsylvania state university to graduate. This is where he got a degree in industrial engineering. Right since his childhood, he was well known for motivating people and nothing but this would be a better idea for him. After all, managers are also motivators. His quality of motivating people has helped him grow by leaps and bounds and today he is a well known name in the industry and one of the most sought after managers. He accredits his current position to the fact that he is a constant motivator. He has learned through his career and is proud of his learning. He hasn’t ever faltered in implementing his learning. He knows that he is supposed to face the realty and not run away from it. He also realized the business cannot run on hope. Creating a great environment and culture for the people helps. He believes in hiring talent on board. He believes in creating a productive environment for his people.

Greg Lucier
A place where talent remains for a longer duration will last for a longer time. Only, the talent should be given a chance to perform. Greg Lucier has been involved in numerous industries and hence, knows the value of each of them. His realistic point of view comes from the transportation industry. He claims that he loves to work in a mature business. There is no denying the fact that the transportation industry is a very mature business. He knew he had to keep himself firmly grounded and then hit upon strategies and plans. This move has helped him immensely move forward in business.

From working in mature businesses to upcoming ones, Lucier has come a long way. He sure has garnered all the experiences that he could. He has implemented his learning into new businesses and taken them far ahead into the world. He has proved that he is capable of working in highly matured fields as well as relatively young fields. No one has ever raised a finger on his calibre. He has explored the known and the unknown and fairly succeeded at both. He is definitely a man to look up to and admire. He has eye enough to gauge flawed business models and unrealistic calculations. He always has one eye in the future and one eye in the now. This is how he succeeds in every endeavour.

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