Introduction To Business Support System
Business administration is a large process. It is not handled by a single team. It needs many other peripheral supports which will enhance the effectiveness of the business management of the organization. Business support system is one such peripheral aid that enhances the productivity and effectiveness of the business management.

  • It is a telecom solution used to improve the support of the customers.
  • It supports customer management, sales and marketing, product management and many other things like this.
  • It is no longer restricted into the telecom sector but also applies to the service providers in all the utility sectors.
  • Business support system helps in the business data management.
  • It also provides business to business and business to consumer services. Thus it helps in laying a strong foundation of relationship between the business firms and the consumers.

Main Areas Of Business Support System
Business support system basically deals with the revenues, payment issues and taking of the orders from the consumers. It covers 4 main areas of business in a large way. First one is the product management. It deals management and sale oriented issues of the products and offers. It collaborate the business with the wide range of the consumers. It also looks into the issues of the product pricing and royalty programs of the consumers. Customer management is the second area of specialization of business support system. Customer management includes the solution of the complex problems of the customers that they are facing. It requires management of partners and web based self service. It is implemented to get the single view of the consumer frequently. The service provided by various customer care centre is an example on customer management. Then there is a revenue management. It deals with the billing, payments, charging and settlements. It can handle operation support system (OSS) services and products. Then the last one is the order management. It normally involves the OSS through the business support system. It generally covers fours areas. They are order decomposition, order orchestration, order fallout and order status management. In which order decomposition involves decomposition of a sale order into many independent sub orders.

Types Of Vendors Of Business Support System

There are different kinds of vendors available in the market for business support system. These vendors are customized, productized, specializes in the specific areas of services. They vary in size greatly. Nowadays most of the business support system companies have a social media connection to it. They and their guidelines and services can be found on the social platform like Twitter, etc.

An Overview Of Business Support System
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