Basics Of Business Communication

Business communication is the process of conversation between the two persons or organization for the business purpose. It is useful for the promotion of the goods and services of the company. It occurs not only between the two organizations but can also occur between the official of the same organization. Business communication covers the adverse fields of marketing, consumer behavior, advertising, corporate communication, reputation management and many more fields. It resembles closely with the technical communication and professional communication. Feedback is the important factor in the business communication. It can resolve the problems between the different levels of the organization or between two organizations. Business communication is very much important for the growth of a business. There are numerous ways of business communications. They includes communication through email, web based communication, video conferencing, reports, telephoned communication face to face meetings, etc.

Types Of Business Communications
There are different types of business communications. They can be broadly classified into two categories i.e. the oral communication and the written communication. Oral communication is generally done via presentation, speeches and discussion. This in a form of communication and needs the direct interaction of the two parties. This form of communication is very transparent in nature. It saves both the money and the manpower. This mode of communication gives spontaneous feedback. But adding to its cons, it is a less authentic mode of communication. The chances of misunderstanding are high in case of any inattentive act. Another form of communication is the written communication. In this mode of communication the discussion and strategies of the companies are jotted down in piece of paper. This mode of communication is much more authentic than the previous one. But is needs a lot of usage of time. It helps in laying the principles and strategies of the business organization. But it is much costlier in nature.  There are two other sub categories of communication called employment communication and electronic communication.

Barriers In Business Communication

There are various ways in which the transfer of information in business communication is troubled. Among this one of the main reasons is the difference of the language of the two parties. This leads to a misunderstanding most of the time. Excess of information at a time is another barrier. It can lead to misinterpretation or loosing of the data. Inattention, distractions, time pressure plays an important part as barrier in business communication. Complex organization and poor memory ability are also the eminent factor that plays a part as a barrier in business communication.

An Idea About Business Communication
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